No Regular Charges.

Better Price With Reduced Rates

No Agreements

Huge Discounts

No Extra Charges Included

Get Deposits in 1 or 2 Business Days

We Have Easy Pay-As-You-Go-Pricing

We provide all our clients with pay-as-you-go pricing plans. We offer any and all nearby approved payments to power growth all over the world.

Statement Fee

Setup Costs

Early Termination Fee:

Application Fee

Bank Deposit Charges

Advanced Customer Service

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We are aimed at offering more payment benefits to our clients in association with our payment partners. All the payment methods are secure and compliant.

Extra You Process, Extra You Save.

We give amount-based processing discounts that directly update on the basis of your 3-month processing score.

Why Our Pricing is Better?

Minimum Rates

Normally considered the industry’s most low-cost billing method, your transaction charges are regulated to indicate the interchange rate for every transaction.

Full Clarity

Always find out exactly what you are getting charged for. We describe to you our margin and how different kinds of transactions and cards impact the interchange charges.

Automatic Bulk Discounts

Since you process more payments, we automatically reduce your processing charges on the basis of your volume average of three months.

Make Your Business Powerful With Freedom Merchant Services

The best payment processors help in various ways that clients can pay you, specifically the methods that are generally employed in your country, business, or region. Thus, Freedom Merchant Services help in expanding your payment processing skills to match the requirements and choices of your customers.

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