Payment Solutions for Industries

ONUS is a payment processing company with experience and insight into the needs of businesses. We help merchants accept payments online, in-person, or via mobile devices. You’ll get access to our comprehensive platform that will integrate seamlessly with your existing business systems.

Unique Payment Method for Your Industry

ONUS Merchant Solutions offers exclusive payment solutions to fit your business needs. We provide the ability to accept payments in any form, from any machine, and at any location. Learn more about our unique merchant services by contacting us today!


A smart, compliant POS solution for the beverage and restaurant industry.

Gas Stations

Fuel stations can manage their payments & rush hours with a Clover POS system.

Liquor Stores

Full-featured virtual payment terminal with the inventory, cost, & promotions for liquor stores.

Automotive Stores

We offer you a quick & dependable payment option to make your store service valuable. 

Health & Wellness

Our payment solutions care about your business more as you do for your clients.

Service Industries

Improve your service industry’s payment experience with our exclusive payment choices.

We Keep You First Always


  • Fast and effective restaurant billing just with one touch.
  • A visible illustration of table position, stewards, due-bills & more.
  • Get online orders right into the POS from any food aggregator.
  • A quicker billing solution with usability and ease.

Gas Stations

  • Empowering operators to equip their petrol stations with virtual terminals.
  • Easy to receive any kind of e-payment at the station or in-store.
  • A centralized payment gateway.
  • Store transactions, handle fuel cards, cross-border purchases, reporting, etc.

Liquor Stores

  • A uniquely designed POS system for liquor stores.
  • Arrange your inventory, current sales, loyalty programs & more.
  • Allow your clients to pay via a number of methods.
  • Integrated payment processing decreases the possibility of human error.

Automotive Stores

  • Create endless and personalized invoices for your store.
  • The Pay Now option in the payment system allows your clients to pay faster.
  • Get your payments approved in seconds.
  • Get receipts issued or delivered by email.

Health & Wellness

  • Card payments & quick debits allow your clients to pay differently.
  • A single platform for your wellness industry essentials.
  • Enable your customers with a self-service platform.
  • Easy to find invoices and payment history.

Service Industries

  • Stimulate your cash flow by simplifying payments.
  • Your clients can pay on the go, online, or individually.
  • A payment solution that is suitable for all types of services.
  • Speedy and effective payment generation.

Favorite Features

Single Card Reader for Each Payment Need.

A compelling platform with all you need to trade in-store, online, and anything in between.

A Trust Gainer of Many Businesses Like You.

You can ask for payments individually or remotely. Safe to start directly. No extra hardware required.

Quick Payments With Digital Invoices.

Accept payments from your clients only with a click by sending professional invoices.

An Ideal Countertop Solution For You.

Card Reader that comes with the countertop stand helps you enhance an in-person payment experience.

Request Payments Via Email or SMS.

Let your customers find out when they have an excellent payment by delivering an email or SMS request.

Get Credit Card Payments On Your System.

You can obtain credit card payments by entering clients’ credit card details into your system.

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