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ONUS Merchant Solutions is here to help transform your business into a high-performing machine that gets paid and grows. Through our virtual terminal for accepting payments online or even making in person transactions while you work; we offer solutions best suited towards meeting all of these needs – no matter what they may be at any given time.

Clover – Point-Of-Sale

Offers you an overall point of sale experience.

Clover has four POS products to offer all small businesses: Clover Station, Mini, Flex, and Go Clover payment POS is well developed to sync and work mutually.

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Card Reader

An integrated payment platform for businesses.

The CardPointe platform comes with Virtual  Terminal, plug-and-play retail terminal, Hosted  Payment Pages, mobile applications, and devices.

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Online store

Most popular payment gateway to accept

credit card payments.

Looking for an effective payment gateway system for your website? Then here you will get the perfect solution.

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HPP hosted payment page

An effective business portfolio management portal.

CoPilot helps businesses with secure merchant enrollment, reliable customer service, partner management, and effective data processing.

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Brings safe payment device integration with any software.

A range of Bolt device integrations will let you develop an ideal solution for your customers. Custom POS or a mobile solution, Bolt has covered you.

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Contactless Payments

A fast and easy way to pay anyone.

Customers can now benefit from the simplicity, speed, and comfort of contactless payments. These payment systems are based on RFID or NFC technology.

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Value We Bring To Your Business

We bring together all that is needed to develop websites and applications that accept payments and deliver payouts. Products listed here power up payments for digital and in-person retailer stores, subscription-based businesses, software interfaces and marketplaces, and businesses that come in between.


Better Pricing

We will help you with better pricing for your chosen product. Thus, you will get the best possible rate for transactions.


You will get tokenization and fully PCI-compliant payment systems to make your online transactions safe and protect them next to identity fraud.

Omni Channel

This kind of payment processing gives multiple payment channels, which is uniform with user experience. It is beyond traditional pay-in-store.

Faster Funding

Your funds get automatically delivered to your bank account within the next business days. So, there is no waiting for checks to get cleared.

PCI compliance

Interchange optimization provided by Cardconnect decreases the PCI expanse. So, you do not need to go with the outlines to stay compliant.

Real-time reporting

You can get a quick summary of your payments in real-time, or get into each transaction to carry out payments, or reprint and resend receipts.

In-House Support

Our expert team supports users 24/7 whether there is any holiday. Our support team is responsive and competent.

Easy Agreement

ONUS Merchant Solutions provides hassle-free solutions with an easy agreement. So, you do not need to worry about the contracts.

ONUS Core Features

Our useful features make us stand out in the market. We can assist your business in making it more compliant and customer responsive..

Why Us?

Increase Your Business Within Less Time

We are in this field for many years and have an understanding of the payment and the merchant industry both. We offer businesses a platform to safely manage payments from anywhere. With payment partners, we help businesses with the best-in-class payment technology, security, and 24/7 support.

Point-Of-Sale Systems Assist

As a business owner, you will require a POS system to operate your business successfully. We have tie-ups with many POS systems to give you better assistance. Just tell us your niche and we will help you get one. It will offer you the accuracy and authority needed to grow your business.

  1. Our POS systems are fast, automatic, safe, and flexible.
  2. These systems are very strong and can match any business.
  3. With our POS services, you can list your assets, cash, employees, & client data.


Merchant Processing Assistance

Having the ability to accept credit cards is necessary for staying in business. Your merchant service provider is an essential partner that can assist you in running and expanding your business. This partner eases virtual credit card processing and offers other significant services to your business.

  1. We verify your present merchant processing statements. 
  2. We review merchant accounts, secure the lowest rates & processing charges possible.
  3. Check your Point of Sale system, offer customized solutions, and more.

Merchant Services That We Offer To Small Businesses

ONUS Merchant Solutions allow you to connect with your customers with no issue where you operate your business. The merchant services provided by us make it easy for you to accept non-cash payments via a secure system. 

PCI Compliance

We provide a wide variety of security services like EMV enabled encryption, tokenization, and PCI compliance.

Loyalty & Reward

Let your customers know that you value their repetitive purchases by offering loyalty programs with special discounts.

Industry Insights

As a payment processing company, we offer access to diverse business data to be used effectively.

Gift Cards

Our gift card merchant solutions help businesses to support clients in sharing the business with their loved ones.


We have e-commerce merchant account solutions for you. You can accept payments via ACH, credit & debit card.

Check Acceptance

Check acceptance solutions allow your customers to pay via check or a bank account securely, faster, and hassle-free.


Payment security solutions can help protect your delicate card payment details with EMV, encryption, & tokenization.

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