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Stay ahead with our cutting-edge credit card processing technology. Our secure and efficient transactions offer a seamless experience for you and your customers. Whether online or in-store, our platform supports diverse transaction types, providing the flexibility you need in the digital landscape.


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Incredible POS Options With 0%.

FAQ: Meet Zhero: ONUS's Hero Who Makes Your Processing Fees Zero.

What does Zhero and 0% Processing Fees mean for my business?

Imagine a world where Zhero, a hero from ONUS, swoops in to rescue your business from high credit card fees. With ONUS ZERO, you can become your own hero by slashing those fees to zero and boosting your profits.

Is this Zhero offer truly free? What's the catch?

Absolutely, Zhero believes in heroism without tricks. No hidden fees, no surprise costs. Our promise is to lower or even completely eliminate your credit card processing fees. It's heroism at its finest.

I hear Zhero offers a free POS system from

That's correct! Zhero knows that a great POS system is like a trusty sidekick. That's why we include a free POS from, one of the industry's best, to help manage your business smoothly.

Why does Zhero include a POS for free?

Zhero's mission is complete business solutions. A POS isn't just a tool for tracking sales—it's your command center for business intelligence, and it's free with ONUS ZERO.

Any terms or conditions I should know about?

Zhero loves simplicity and honesty. Our terms and conditions are straightforward and transparent, so you always know what you're getting into.

Can I really trust Zhero and ONUS ZERO?

Absolutely. Zhero stands for trust and transparency. We're fully compliant with all financial regulations, making us a hero you can count on.

How can ONUS ZERO afford to make my processing fees zero?

Thanks to Zhero's super alliances with financial institutions and optimized operations, we pass on incredible savings to you through zero-fee processing.

How does ONUS ZERO make revenue?

Think of us as Zhero's headquarters, where we plan strategies to grow your business. Beyond zero fees, we offer value-added services like social media management and marketing.

How do I join forces with Zhero and ONUS ZERO?

Becoming a business hero like Zhero is easy. Contact us, and our team will guide you through the quick setup process.

What other superpowers does Zhero offer to grow my business?

Zhero's heroism extends beyond zero fees. We can help you with marketing, customer outreach, and even partnerships with online delivery platforms if you're in the food sector.

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