Better Payment Technology For Today’s Business

payment technology is being leveraged to keep businesses open and provide a way to safely accept payments online or in person. Learn more about how we’ve helped our partners and their merchants pivot below.

 Safe & Secure Payments

Contactless payments allow you to accept the payment on the go. Wi-Fi enabled Bolt Systems, Clover Flex system uses highly-secured software API integration for safe and secured payments.

Explore How Contactless Payments Helpful

Invoice On The Go

With the Hosted iFrame Tokenizer, you can directly integrate online payment into your existing software to offer a secure, customizable solution that can be distributed via text or email.

Order in the Palm of Your Hand

Our Mobile SDK gives you access to payment acceptance integrated directly within a mobile app. As restaurants and other industries pivot to pick up orders, having a mobile solution gives businesses a valuable option to accept orders.

Step Outside The Office

The Clover Flex provides in-person payments without the wires, including contactless payments via NFC. Accept on-the-go payments securely with this WiFi-enabled Bolt device.
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